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Are your drains running slow or completely clogged? Drains R Us Plumbing Inc. uses pressurized water and a high-pressure root cutting attachment to quickly and effectively remove roots from clogged drains, scrubbing pipes free of debris so that they will run freely for a long time to come. We offer our drain cleaning services in Cambridge and surrounding areas. Some of the benefits offered by high-pressure drain cleaning include:

Safe for residential & commercial drain cleaning
Breaks up clogs & cleans the interior of your pipes
Save for PVC & metal drain pipes
Scrubs dirty drains & flushes out residue

Video Drain Inspection

To make sure your drain is fully cleared, we can provide a video inspection that offers a before and after view of the drain. You can really see the difference! We can also provide you with a digital recording of the video inspection.


A blocked sewer line can cause serious disruption to any home or business and can be expensive to repair and clean up. Our effective hydro-flushing technology blasts small volumes of pressurized water to clear grease, sludge and deposits from your sewer lines before a small problem becomes big trouble, and it does it without causing damage to your pipes. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a service appointment.

What Our Customers Say

Went Reasonably Well

“My Basement was unfinished with no rough-in. I finished half of it over the past year or so (I was doing the framing/ drywalling/ tiling in my spare time - took a while to get to the finishing part) and used Drains R Us for all of the plumbing related to the 3 piece bathroom I put in. From Jackhammering up the floor(they did a pretty good job of venting the dust outside) to running new drains and lines to installing the toilet/ shower/ sink it went reasonably well. For any minor issue that may have come up over the course of this project, they addressed it to my complete satisfaction. I am not certain they are the cheapest plumber you will find, but I am happy with the end result and Wayne has been a fair and reasonable guy to deal with. Expectations were set up front on pricing and rough timelines and he kept to them. I would use them again... I just hope I don't need to for a while.”

- Craig A.

Backflow Specialists

Do you require help with the water flowing backwards in your water delivery system? Call us!

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