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Protect Your Basement & Foundation From Water

Water and moisture are the worst enemies of your home’s foundation. Without an effective sump pump, water from rain, melting snow and other sources can flood your basement and undermine the integrity of your home’s foundation. A sump pump will collect that damaging moisture in a basin and pump it out of your basement and away from your home. Contact us at Drains R Us Plumbing Inc. for sump pump repairs in Cambridge.

Small Flood = Big $

Sump pumps are powered by electricity, and if the power goes out or a component fails, your sump pump will stop working and allow water to enter your basement. Even a small flood can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Make sure your sump pump is working correctly by calling the experts at Drains R Us Plumbing Inc. Our experienced technicians can perform repairs and maintenance services on your existing equipment or install a new, modern system that will perform dependably and provide you with peace of mind, including backup battery-powered models and sump jet systems that are powered by your home water pressure. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have or to schedule a service appointment.

What Our Customers Say

Highly Recommended

“Great experience! Had a plumbing emergency early on a Sunday morning related to a septic pump. I spoke to Wayne who was very friendly and helpful. They were out within an hour and dealt with the issue quickly and at a reasonable cost considering the circumstances. Highly recommended”

- Tyler J.

Does Your Sump Pump Require Repairment?

Contact us for affordable sump pump repair and installation.

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